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Arts Ministry

Serving as God’s yielded vessels by ushering in the presence of The Holy Spirit, members of the Arts Ministry exalt the name of Jesus and express their love for Christ by visually interpreting His Word and representing His glory through mime and dance in order to point believers to Christ as well as draw the lost to Him.



Benevolence Ministry

Meaning charitableness or goodwill, this ministry is designed to ensure that our ministry is a storehouse where those in need can come to have their basic needs met while we minister God’s love, kindness, and compassion to them.



Evangelism Ministry

Endeavoring to fulfill Christ’s great commission, this ministry seeks to empower every believer to walk in the ministry of reconciliation (drawing the lost to Christ) and prepare the church body to be effective witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the extent that we create a culture within the membership that makes evangelism a Spirit-led way of life.



Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Realizing the power and strength of unity, this ministry seeks to educate the disciples of Christ on the importance of praying together and foster a deeper commitment and passion for personal and corporate prayer in the life of the believer and our church.



Men's Ministry

Establishing, restoring, and solidifying men’s faith in God through Jesus Christ, this ministry teaches, trains, and disciples men to be who God called them to be as fathers, husbands, and men of God.



Outreach Ministry

Taking the gospel outside our church, this ministry trains and equips people to witness to those who may never come into our congregations so that all might see, hear, and experience God’s love in tangible ways.



Pastor's Aide Ministry

Ensuring the needs of the pastor and family are met in accordance to Matthew 10:9-10 which makes it easier for the pastor to take care of the spiritual needs of the church and community, this ministry is integral to the health and well-being of our church as a whole.



Praise Team Ministry

Praising and worshiping God through song, members of this ministry lead the congregation to focus on God, the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son, and the Holy Spirit rather than their circumstances as well as set the atmosphere for The Holy Spirit to feel welcome and operate freely.

Ushers & Greeters Ministry

Serving as “watchmen” over the House of God as led by the Holy Spirit, ushers/greeters ensure a safe, orderly, and comfortable environment that allows freedom of worship for all who enter.

Women's Ministry

Supporting, empowering, encouraging, and equipping women to strengthen their relationships with God so they can serve and reach others as well as advance the Kingdom of God, the Women’s Ministry is an integral part of our church.

Youth Ministry

Training young disciples for Christ by helping them grow their relationships with God; this ministry instills a firm knowledge of God’s Word in the youth and assists them in developing an understanding of praise and worship, evangelism, outreach, fellowship, and service.


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